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What Do Customers Want From Your Brand: A Complete Checklist

Customer experience is a valuable aspect of your brand as it boosts customer retention, net spending, and brand loyalty.

The burning question is, what do customers really want from your brand? Here is a complete checklist to answer that and improve your customer experience along the way.

1. Customers Expect Genuine Communication

Businesses usually have standard procedures on how to communicate with customers, among other things. There is nothing wrong with this approach.


That said, it’s best to balance between following strict procedures and talking to your customers like a friend. The right mix will create a tremendous effect on your customer care because customers treasure genuine communication.


A study by customer tech firm, Rightnow, discovered that 73% of customers stay loyal to brands that offer friendly and honest customer support. That’s the power of genuine communication.

What makes customers fall in love with brands? (Image Source)

What makes customers fall in love with brands? (Image Source)

2. Better Than Average Customer Support

The bulk of your customer support comes from product feedback. You should always expect issues no matter how great your product or service is


When they do, go above and beyond in addressing customer concerns. Communicate with your customers like you would with a friend in need. Forget about standard procedures to solve their problems. Make your customers feel valued by the brand and not just another cog in the profit machine.


The importance of good customer care

The importance of good customer care (Image Source)


This goes a long way in building a strong rapport with your customers which will only benefit your brand in the long run.


Want to get better at delighting customers? Read our ultimate guide to transforming your brand’s customer care here.


3. Personalized Service

Personalization is the flavor of the month in customer support and for many good reasons. 80% of customers purchase more from brands that offer personalized experiences. They also generate higher lifetime values which are crucial for maintaining sustainable revenue streams.


Personalization isn't limited to providing after-sales service. It is also a continuous effort to make customers feel loved by crafting experiences tailored to their personalities throughout the entire customer journey.

4. Quality Matters Over Speed

Customers like to have their concerns resolved quickly. But, not at the cost of quality. Most customers prefer to receive quality support even if it takes longer than expected.


The value of quality customer care to brands

The value of quality customer care to brands (Image Source)


One way to improve your customer care quality is to train your support executives in solving complaints and addressing various customer care situations. You should also consider investing in social listening tools to leverage customer insights to boost customer care performance.


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5. They Love Surprises

Who doesn’t love surprises? Your customers certainly do.


A surprise gift or a handwritten note in the delivery makes a huge difference. People always remember the small gestures you do that make you more than just a brand. You won’t earn millions overnight but you’ll have a customer for life.


Now, when is the right time to give surprises? 


Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are great occasions to surprise your customers. You can also take a page from Kleenex’s book by making good use of your customer’s social media activity.


The tissue-makers monitored Facebook to look for people who complained about being sick. Kleenex then connected with friends and families to deliver personalized care packages. The campaign resulted in over 650,000 impressions and 2,000 interactions for Kleenex—talk about leaving an impression!

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