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Everything you need to know about our Survey product

Customer feedback is information clients provide about whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with a product or service and about their general experience with a company or a brand. It is an essential resource for improving customer experience, identifying areas for improvement, and adjusting your actions according to your customers' needs. 

Customer feedback can be collected in a number of ways, through a number of channels. One of the most popular channels to learn about your customers opinions and their experience with your brands is Surveys. By asking customers to rate their experience with a product or service and then asking additional questions about their general satisfaction with the company, you can get a good picture of your customers' experiences.

Surveys enable brands to collect valuable data quickly and efficiently. Through surveys,  accurate and meaningful data can be gathered through which informed  decisions can be made leading to successful outcomes.

Lucidya Survey, the best survey product in the market 

Our Survey product gives brands the power to evoke customer thoughts and feelings. 

Lucidya’s Survey product is one of the best tools to collect data from a group of respondents to gain insights into various topics of interest. Those respondents can be your customers, audience from the market or your employees. Our Survey collects and analyzes data in response to various types of questions curated to shed more light on people’s experience with your brand

Through our product you can manage thousands of users’ insights and gain visibility into all the collected data across customers and markets through simple dashboards and admin control. Instead of having to read millions of answers, our product ensures actionable insight into the data by placing all the information in one dashboard. 

Key Features 

Intuitive Survey Builder 

Our product allows brands to curate surveys with various question types (drop down questions, multiple answers, open ended questions, etc), it also has preset profiling questions for the ease of the user and NPS. 

Advanced insights 

Our product provides deep analysis of the answers given by your audience, providing analysis of open ended questions as well in the form of sentiment, theme, gender, location, etc.


All-in-one view  

In one dashboard you can see advanced insights into the responses made by your audience, allowing you to keep track of the response rate and your reach making it easier to understand how your surveys are performing.


Online & offline publishing

Another feature of our Survey product is the ease of publishing them online or at any physical store or point of sales for integrated feedback through a link or QR code. 


Filter responses 

It gives you the power to filter responses over time, an ability that not many survey tools possess in the market. This is a very valuable feature for surveys that are conducted over long periods of time. 

CDP integration 

Lucidya’s Survey also integrates with Lucidya’s Customer Data Profile product (Audience). This means every response collected will help build a unified profile for the user who responded to the survey, where brands can compare their responses on different surveys if applicable.


Lucidya’s other products Social Listening and Channel Analytics help our customers understand the overview of their own clients but Surveys help fill the gaps of the knowledge of all the root problems that customers have been unable to share before. This allows brands to know all the customer facing problems and gives them the power to create better strategic solutions for their customers.