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Build Comprehensive Customer Profiles



It is crucial for a business to make comprehensive profiles of the customers to meet the customers' requirements. You need them to convey your message, make campaigns, and offer customer care services. Companies that do not build effective customer profiles are losing more of their budgets on unqualified traffic and do not even reach potential customers. So there is a need to find the target audience. 

Customer profiles help organizations find the ideal customers who will show interest, become returning clients, and refer them to others. And it will greatly impact your business. You may be creating leads to convert into CRM. Still, it's going wrong because you do not know whether you are addressing the right group of audience or not, and it can only be possible with the help of building effective customer profiles.

So you can say that a business has to build customer data profiles to reduce costs and increase its revenues. They need to interact with the customer's requirements, address their problems and make them feel that they are important to your organization. This article will learn about the main point that helps build effective customer profiles. So let's start with the definition of customer profile. 

What is a Customer Profile? 

A company has to understand the people to whom it wants to bring it to its customer list, and it is possible with the customer profile. It reveals all the details, requirements, and visits on the different social media channels. It includes age, hobbies, location, income, pain points, purchasing habits, etc. The B2B customer profile needs to0 to gather more information like annual turnover, company size, and employee count. It is also known as buyer's personas. If you do not focus on creating customer profiles, you are marketing in a more risky environment as it can take you to a crisis. So always prefer to make customer profiles to know your potential customer's behavior. 

Benefits of Building Customer Profiles 

Now when you know what customer profile is, you should understand what benefits you will get for your organization with them. You might be thinking do you need it or not. A quick answer to the question is that you do need it because it makes you able to understand your customers. Almost every marketer tries to make universal 360-degree customer profiles because they consider it crucial. So here is why you should call it important for your brand. 

It makes it easy to find new leads because you will have an idea about the traits of your target customers. 

When you know your target, you will make your promotions for them. In this way, you will have time to find new targets. But when you do not know about your target audience, you might waste all your time on unqualified traffic. 

Personalization is the key to success in online marketing. The customers become happier with it and want to connect with you more frequently. So customer profile makes it easy to ensure personalization. 

You should not only focus on converting a lead to a potential customer but also make it possible for these customers to remain loyal to your brand. So it is only possible when you know about the preferences of your potential customers to get their loyalty. Therefore, a comprehensive customer profile makes it easy to build loyalty. 

To get the benefits mentioned in the last section, you must make a customer profile. But as mentioned before, you should not work based on a guess. Rather you should build it on real data. It will produce accurate results. 

Customers Data Platform (CDP)

CDP is a collection of software and tools to collect customer data in one place and make a database to perform different operations on this data for getting insight into the market. When any customer visits a company's website, he or she starts asking a question. The company records each customer's interaction in a central place, and each time the customer interacts, he gets more enhanced and improved responses from the customers. It is all because the company knows the customer's traits and wants to give a more personalized experience. 

CDP collects all the customers' interactions and divides the data according to particular traits to give a more personalized experience. It creates the segments of the audience by the following methods. 

  1. Audience Segmentation by Interest 
  2. Audience Segmentation by Demographic 

Market segmentation makes it easy for you to understand your target audience. A company needs to know these two methods to work closely to the customers' expectations. So let's discuss these two points in detail. 

   1. Audience Segmentation by Interest 

It is the most important type of market segmentation as the audiences have different types of interests. The company needs to know the behavior of the customers towards their brands which is possible with the collection of data. And the data is in the CDP. The tools collect the behavior of the customers how they interact with your brand, product, or website. 

It monitors how the customer acts on your website and captures what he asks during a visit. This type of segmentation often includes customer behavior for purchasing, the number of times he interacts with the brand, status, and spending habits. It collects the interactions of the customer and all the actions, even a single click on your brand. CDP collects all the data, and then the teams separate the users who have similar interests to make it easy to market a product only to those who show interest in it. 

A company can also make a cluster of people based on the number of visits to its website. In this way, it can realize whether these are potential customers or not. You can also collect the customers' interests by placing cookies on their devices and using an appropriate tool like Lucidya, which collects data and allows making a segment of people based on common traits. 

   2. Audience Segmentation by Demographic 

Demographic segmentation is also most commonly applied for market segmentation. It states the statistical data of the distinct group of audiences. It segments the people based on differences like age, religion, sex, gender, education, family type, income level, nationality, etc. It narrows the market research, making it easy to get only the potential audience into a group. A business can focus only on those benefits to the industry rather than wasting time and money on those who do not value its offerings. 

Demographic segmentation is also beneficial as it is very easy to collect this information and is available at a low cost rather than spending a huge amount on some data analysis tools. The company becomes more comfortable if it creates products only for youngsters, so when it has a segment of people based on age, it does not need to target all the groups. It will only focus on the group of youngsters. And a more prominent example is that when it makes a product specifically for women, it should not waste time marketing the product to the general audience. It should make a cluster of audience based on gender and then focus only on that group. 

You can make demographic segmentation by directly interacting with the customers, but it can take more time but will surely give you accurate information. So it would help if you always were respectful to your customers. But you can also use some third-party apps and online data collection platforms to collect customers' data, as you should make segments based on real data. And this data is very crucial for building customer profiles. 


Customer profiles help a company boost its sales and build a strong relationship with its customers. It increases the chances to provide them with a more personalized experience as it gets the organization closer to its customers. There are more chances to convert them into CRM because more than 80% of buyers prefer organizations that give them a more personalized experience. 

It is advised to always build effective customer profiles with real data rather than guess. At first, survey your current customers and make prominent customer personas by dividing them into similar traits, interests, and demographics. It will be a great initiative to turn your leads into potential customers. The article has also revealed the importance of a customer data platform, making it easy to access the customers' full info to identify their interests. It is an online database of the companies' customers to make crucial decisions.

Furthermore, Lucidya also provides services to collect the data about the customers and then analyze this to make a similar cluster of the customers based on challenges and interests. A business must ensure it uses the right tools and software to make it prominent in the industry. So do not think about success before creating a building block for it, and that is for sure with customer profiles. The article has also discussed the different benefits of customer profiles and the steps to create effective customer profiles. Hopefully, it will be beneficial for you.