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8 Essential Metrics for Evaluating Your Marketing Activities on Facebook – Part 2

In the first part of this article, we talked about some metrics by which you can evaluate the quality of your Facebook marketing activities and determine the return on investment of these activities; along with the importance of developing marketing plans that are mainly based on measurable metrics. In this second part we’ll go through the rest of these metrics:

Organic Reach and impressions

In order for your audience to interact with your social media posts including Facebook, posts should reach them first. And, you have to take into consideration that boosting your posts isn’t always the very best solution to do that. This is the main reason why “carefully curating” your Facebook posts is always a mandatory step to reach them.

The “Impressions metric” is the number of times a particular post appears to users, while the “Natural Reach metric” is the number of impressions to new unique users.

For example, when you post an image: User X saw this image twice and User Y saw it only once. Then the impressions will be: 3 while the Organic Reach will be: 2.

How can you improve this metric?

  • Publish in Non-peak Times: Contrary to what many people believe in; sharing during peak- will not increase your reach. A marketing study has been conducted to compare both peak and non-peak times & here are the results:
  • Partnering with other pages: If you manage sport shoes brand’s page, why don’t you cooperate with another page that is talking/selling socks? Why don’t you find people who talk about running and walking to collaborate with. You have mutual Audience but not competing, perfect mix isn’t?

Network Referral Traffic

Your Facebook page has the ability to drive and direct a large number of traffic to your site. Almost third of website visits come primarily through social networks. According to statistics, Facebook alone contributes to bringing more vistors than google do for news and content websites.

How can you improve this metric:

  • Re-targeted ads: You can easily drive visitors back to your website through re-marketing campaigns.
  • Use Facebook groups: Facebook is not just about pages. I am sure you’ll find tons of groups who are interested in what you offer either it is product or content.

Influence Score

Another metric that marketers do not really care about, although it tells a lot in one figure! You can use services like Klout to know about your influence score.

How can you improve this metric:

  • Produce content based on hot topics and new trends
  • Produce of content based on search engine results and suggestions

Paid conversion rate

This metric refers to conversions you get from paid ads, a key metric in determining the quality and effectiveness of your Facebook advertising campaigns. You can calculate this metric by dividing the number of conversions you have received through your ad by the number of people who have already seen this ad.

How can you improve this metric: