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7 Methods To Handle Social Media Crisis When Things Go Wrong

How to Deal With Social Media Crisis?

You might not understand the reason behind your brand's immediate fall of PR. Social media is unpredictable, where all the data, blogs, posts, and tutorials run fast. Sometimes news gets viral about your brand that impacts the brand's reputation destructively. It is known as the social media crisis.

The brands should take preventive measures to deal with such situations because they cannot do business with a bad reputation. The crisis can be a production of something uncertain, so be prepared. It is better to take some steps to avoid such conditions or deal with the problem without any worries. Preplanning can save you in such a crisis; you can take immediate steps to get out of it. In this way, you have to make a solid plan, identify the responsibilities of key stakeholders, and explicit command to work on it.

Preplanning will save you from this worst condition and mitigate the chances of failures. It will be more fruitful to prevent a crisis than it starts damaging your brand. So if you want to keep your brand at a safe play, you should make a preplan. It will help you throughout your career that you can update as time changes.

Social media crisis is the reality, and you might notice that the disaster comes even every day or every hour on social media. If you are running a brand or company and want to save it from the crisis, keep reading this blog. It will tell you some tips you can adopt to make a preplan and protect your brand from such a crisis. So let's get started without further ado.


What is Social Media Crisis?

Social media crisis can be described as a situation that can hurt the reputation of your business or brand on social media. Now you might be thinking that a nasty comment and review can lead to the social media crisis of a company? It's not like that; it is a situation where there is a flood of offensive waves that get out of your control. It is the worst condition as it can ruin your efforts in just hours or a day. The following types of social media crises can affect your brand's reception on social media.

  1. Emerging Crisis

    Emerging crises are the ones that get bigger with time. That is why it is essential to deal with such crises as soon as possible.

  2. Fake News

    As you know, it is the age of social media; a post gets viral within hours with just one click on it. It is essential to build a strategy to identify rumors about your brand; otherwise, you might get out of the race of competition.

  3. Multi-Channel Crisis

    When you are caught in this type of crisis, it can be, or worst case, for your brand because it is a potential type of crisis that can play an important role in negative publicity.

  4. Industry Crisis

    It is a type of social media crisis when a competitor of your brand is in trouble, and it covers all related brands in it, including your brand. Like a clothing industry suddenly start getting criticism that is out of control.

    Whatever the type of social media crisis, you have to take some steps to deal with it and even try to make a preplan to prevent it in the future.

    How to Deal With Social Media Crisis?

    Here are some of the essential tips that can help you fight with social media crisis and make you proficient in creating a solid plan to avoid such conditions. If you follow these suggestions, you will surely save yourself from entangling in social media crisis and protect your brand if it occurs. So let's discuss these suggestions or tips one by one

  1. Build Social Media Policy

    It is the worst situation on social media when one of your employees posts inappropriate news about your brand. It can affect your brand badly, but the good thing is that you can prevent or deal with such crises efficiently. The best way to deal with such a crisis is to make a solid social media policy for your brand/company. It will include clear guidelines about posting any social media content on the brand's site or any news about the brand. It will also tell the employees how to interact with the brand using personal channels.

    Social media policy varies in companies, like size and type of business. Still, a social media policy must include the following factors to.

    • Be sure to tell your employee how to use copyrighted guidelines and how to give credit to another source online.
    • Make it clear for the employees which information they can share and confidential data they need to keep secret.
    • Identify the voice of your brands as a formal tone or goofiness.
    • It should have clear privacy guidelines which tell how to interact with your customers using social media and when you make a private conversation with a specific customer.
  2. Make Your Accounts Secure

    One of the big mistakes that brands or companies make is to make a weak password on their social media sites. It can lead to a severe social media crisis. So you have to avoid it. As many people know about your social media site's password, there are more chances of violating security. So you can say these are the employees responsible for such mistakes. Although hackers can cause a cybersecurity crisis, employees are more prone to errors by adopting wrong or weak security measures.

    It is essential to have complete control of your social media accounts. It is better not to share the passwords of your brand, even not with all your team members. Please share it with only those who need essential access to the accounts. So you should use a centralized platform that will grant only the required level of access to each member of your team. In this way, you can remove the employees who leave the company and are no longer needed on the accounts. Lucidya can be the most appropriate tool for you at this stage.

  3. Adopt Social Listening to Find Possible Issues

    With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence tools are gaining popularity; a social listening program is a great incentive. With this program, you can monitor your brand's motions, enabling you to track the single activity on your social media accounts. It can help you find out the possible issues with your brand and can help you prevent them before it appears as a crisis. If you want to track potential issues, you should monitor social sentiments. It is a metric that helps you know what people are feeling about your brand; if you notice a change here, it is clear that social media crisis is on the way. So you can focus on social listening to get an idea of what people are saying about your brand. Use a tool like Lucidya which can help you monitor your potential customers' sentiments frequently and automatically alert you about significant changes. It might include spam messages, malicious links, and offensive content posted by some of your followers.

    In this way, you can plan to deal with such a situation or prevent it from occurring.

  4. Know What Counts In Crisis

    The primary thing that brings social situation for your brand is the excessive negative conversation about your brand. When people are rude about your brand, it is not counted in crisis; the crisis occurs when a brand starts receiving negative comments on social media. It might be an indication of an emergency. To prevent such a crisis, you should define the number of negative comments your brand can bear, and then your tool will make you alert, and you can save your brand from the crisis. Your social listening program can help you identify a sudden change in people's opinions about your brand.

  5. Make a Crisis Communication Plan

    A communication plan that you make for your brand to deal with social media crises can help you respond quickly in some uncertain conditions. It is essential to act as fast as possible as a slightly late response can lead to regrets. If you are not a senior person in the organization, you can still prevent the potential issues from controlling things. Your company's social crisis communication plan should consist of the following points.

    • Guidelines to tell the type and nature of the crisis
    • Responsibilities of each department
    • Internal update communication plan
  6. Link of social media policy

    You have to respond quickly to people as they are in a state to listen to something from you. You can acknowledge that problem has occurred and remove it soon. You have to communicate with the customers even if it is a holiday. You should post humble messages that can take the crisis condition down gradually.

  7. Pause Planned Posts

When your brand's social listening program informs you about some potential issues, you should give a break to all your scheduled posts and concentrate on the plans to prevent these issues.