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5 Things You Can Do with Lucidya’s Single Post Analysis Feature

Last week, we launched the single post analysis tool to further improve Lucidya’s social listening experience. 

Rather than waiting to analyze an entire campaign, you can now analyze social media content on-demand and get valuable insights as you normally would.

Here’s a quick rundown on how to use our latest feature:

  1. Choose a post to analyze in your dashboard.

  2. Click on the options button (the triple dots on the top right corner) and click on Analyze Tweet.


  3. Lucidya will start analyzing your post and notify you when it’s done.

It’s that easy.

You can use single post analysis for a variety of useful situations. For example, you might want to analyze a product launch or promotional post to gauge your audience’s reaction. You can even use it to analyze influencer tweets containing your brand’s hashtags. 

Now that you know where to start, let’s go through five useful things you can do with Lucidya’s single tweet analysis tool.

1. Analyzing Promotional Posts

Your brand may post one-off promotional posts from time to time. This can be a product launch, a new service, a press release, and so on. 

Previously, you only had the basic platform metrics to gauge your audience’s reactions to these kinds of content.

Now, you can analyze promotional posts with Lucidya to receive advanced data like sentiment analysis, reach, and engagement quickly.

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Having better audience insights increases the chances of your promotional posts leaving an impact on your customers—just what you need to get your next product on the market successfully.

2. On-Demand Campaign Analysis

Sometimes, you want to dissect campaign posts without analyzing the entire campaign or waiting for it to end first. 

Single post analysis lets you do this so you can receive insights early and make informed decisions to tweak your campaign.

This lets you act early based on audience reactions to optimize your campaign for improved results.


3. Analyzing Viral Posts

Ever had a content gone viral without knowing what caused it? You can use single post analysis to figure out exactly when a piece of content went viral and for what reason. 


Going viral is not a science yet. But, this feature helps you get there by analyzing the key metrics behind a post’s popularity.


Combine this with influencer marketing and you’ll be on your way to the perfect viral marketing strategy.

4. Monitoring Brand Mentions

This feature comes in handy whenever someone mentions or tags your brand. For example, an unhappy customer may complain about your brand on Twitter, followed by a series of tweets from other users.

You can examine the tweet with single post analysis and aid your plan to address the situation.

This will improve your customer care performance as you receive insights that help you craft ideal responses to benefit your brand and customers.

5. Influencer Marketing

Customers are not the only ones mentioning your brand. Influencers and other companies may do the same too as your brand reputation grows.

Like user mentions, you can use single post analysis to analyze the effect of influencer and brand mentions. Let’s say Apple tags your brand in one of its tweets. It’s obviously a big deal, but how big of a deal is it?

Single post analysis answers this question with various engagement metrics to keep you informed.

Try Out The New Single Post Analysis Feature Today

Lucidya is a must-have tool for brands that want to revamp their customer care performance with real-time, in-depth audience insights. 

Many successful agencies have used Lucidya’s social listening tool to empower their customer care and tenfold their performance.


Now is the best time for your brand to do the same.

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About Lucidya

Lucidya is an AI-powered social media listening tool that empowers companies with in-depth, never-before-seen customer insights. Lucidya’s best-in-class text analysis engine also provides powerful sentiment analysis for conversations in English and all Arabic dialects including Najdi, Hijazi, Levantine, and many more.


With Lucidya, businesses can build profitable products, boost customer satisfaction, execute successful campaigns, and close more sales thanks to our extensive list of social media listening features.