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Lucidya Launches a Dashboard to Track Coronavirus News

Lucidya, a leading company in data analysis and AI industry, has announced launching a real-time monitoring dashboard to monitor everything in the digital space revolving around the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19 news all around the world and in all languages (here is the live dashboard).

This dashboard displays the number of new cases around the world as well as updates on the virus from social media, global news platforms, and other websites.

The live dashboard allows you to keep track of the latest updates on coronavirus and COVID-19, engagement stats, and trending hashtags and media. It also collects information from legitimate sources to help companies, governmental agencies, and organizations to track the virus’s growth easily and with high accuracy and monitor rumors about this pandemic as well.

Lucidya is a Saudi-based company that uses AI technologies and provides smart solutions to monitor and analyze social media and digital platforms to empower organizations and companies to make more insightful decisions.