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What is Sentiment Analysis, How Does It Work, and Why Should We Use It?

Identifying people’s ideas and what they have inside their heads of difficult and complex tasks throughout the ages, people may talk of joy in words different from sadness, but it is different today in our time in the twenty-first century.

Now the Internet has become a mobile ambassador in every home It allows people to write what they have in mind and even modify it if necessary, but the idea is that everything that is written is recorded.

Lucidya is one of the most important tools in analyzing the feelings of people from different places, ages, conditions, and all their belongings.

How sentiment analysis works?

Today, the sentiment analysis tool has become among the most important tools used to explain many of the changes that people are going through and their decision about a service or product available in different markets, whether offline or online.

Lucidya is one of the most powerful AI-based platforms for studying and analyzing sentiments for users on the Internet through their written texts, images, videos, etc.

On a different subject from the one, you searched for? Lucidya works to link these publications to each other through a common word between them, making it easy to understand texts in different contexts.

In the following picture we see a model to read and analyze the feelings within (positive, negative and neutral) and these measurements were built according to the activities and movement of users of a platform through their comments, responses, interaction, republishing and other types of interaction that shows the response to the positive or negative or neutral on the publication. All of these options and more you can know and choose as you browse Lucidya.

The picture also shows the positive analysis, which is the largest percentage with the selection of the most prevalent tags among users in terms of research, writing, and publishing, such as their talk about entrepreneurship and Saudi Arabia is the largest font tags while the rest of the tags to talk about less.


Why should we use sentiment analysis?

Sentiment analysis is one of the most important tools that allow owners of products and services to work on optimal marketing, which is in different ways through:

  • They target the selected group directly with their interests and thus meet their needs.
  • Expanding their audience by integrating more customers with competitors by knowing and targeting their purchasing behavior and their acceptance and satisfaction with the different services and products offered to them.
  • E-marketing is one of the most important tools in dealing with different customers, and the “Presence before others” strategy is one of the most important features of the scramble between companies to attract customers to them.
  • Track Correction: Sentiment analysis can be used as a tool to correct services or products provided to customers without directly disclosing them, which attracts their attention and increases their loyalty.
  • Bridge Communication: The sentiment analysis tool is a bridge to communicate with customers so that they can communicate with them and know their problems or obstacles or even messages of thanks and praise and praise for what is offered.

The following picture is an example of how Lucidya is accurate in analyzing sentiments and how it categorized the comment into neutral comments (the questioner asks for the roses that live for a year and more and details about it), depending on what the person’s comment is. It may be similar to other vocabularies.


  • One of the most important tools of digital analysis that can display a lot of details on a single page, and it integrates a single account or a single search pattern or a set of search lines with each other and presented in a ready-to-read report template easy to read and manipulate regardless of academic background To the person who uses it.



Words that were previously understood only by the eyes, today have become lines to read and build upon the improvement or production of a service or product, and studies that used to take a lot of time to ask people and their discussion and to know the truth of what is hiding their chests are now visible in simple images explaining the user has all the details he wants as he chooses within the tool to analyze sentiments, this is the optimal use of technology that allows all parties to benefit and benefit.