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Innovative Examples of Artificial Intelligence In Marketing Strategies and Customer Experience

Despite the term, AI is all over the place at this time, it is a relatively older term  – compared to current technological advances – which first appeared in the 1950s when few scientists began exploring a new approach to building intelligent machines that could mimic human behavioral thinking, based on a few mathematical calculations.

Undoubtedly, the development of this approach has been sustained by the dramatically increased modern technological development, especially from the last decade of the twentieth century to the present.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the behavioral and specific characteristics of computer software that make emulating human mental abilities and work models possible. Among the most important of these characteristics is the ability to learn, deduce and react to situations not programmed in the machine.

In our modern era – the era of smartphones – the concept has taken a practical turn which is more specialized in marketing and testing customer reaction, once dealing with such software.

Any modern technology that emerges, is always looking for economic feasibility. There is no point in inventing a non-profitable technology that can’t see investments from governments and wealthy people. 

So most, if not all, of AI research results have gone into sales and marketing and built a unique customer experience, and the constant quest to reduce human labor, which is full of mistakes, and need a lot of time to preparation and training, not to mention salaries and other human considerations of course.

Some of the practical applications of AI in the marketing and customer experience world is the following:

1. Instant search results as well as voice search for e-commerce products

Have you tried Googling something before, which provided you with a drop-down list of a few search suggestions? Of course, we all experience that while Google searching.


There is actually more than that. When Google searching after logging in to your Google account, you receive suggestions that resemble your actual interests, so it feels as if Google is already reading your thoughts and knows what you’re looking for.

For example, if you intensely search for the term artificial intelligence previously, you will notice that Google displays it as the first option from the list of suggestions only when you search for the word ”Intelligence”.

In online stores, you will find Voice Search, which captures your spoken letters and words and then turn them into search results on the search page. 

Such a feature takes us to the horizons of other technology, may one day reach the abolition of the keyboard completely, and not just displayed as a folding option.

As small brands grow up and are exposed to hordes of customers looking for answers to their questions, you can’t rely on manpower to control these huge numbers of customers and answer all their questions. ChatBots will be required. (An intelligent bot that can communicate with customers through artificial intelligence technology, and answer their frequently asked questions).

2. Sephora cosmetics company presented two models of artificial intelligence with ChatBot:

  • Appointment Booking Example by Sephora Reservation Assistant: Through which the client can book an appointment with a specialist in cosmetics through the bot (ie without any human contact)
  • Sephora Color Match: another artificial intelligence technique, Augmented Reality (AR), which allows different beauty styles to be applied directly to the customer, is among the options described in the menu. Through it, the lady can see which colors of cosmetics are best suited to her skin tone.


3. Another form of artificial intelligence in deducing public reactions and interaction on a particular topic (Trend – Event – Person).

Lucidya offers screens that track any account, keyword, or geographic area according to your needs and how the audience interacts with it. The monitoring screen gives you a lot of data about the intended account, in a way that allows you to prepare your marketing strategy for the next stage.


The benefit of a powerful Social Listening Tool such as that provided by Lucidya allows the ability to reach the stage of anticipating customer behavior in a particular direction, or, more precisely, a particular marketing campaign that a brand seeks to launch at a given time.

This is a very important feature for any project, along with many other features offered by a tool like Lucidya for companies. 

Contributing to the achievement of the company’s objectives in the shortest way will give the company an opportunity to maximize profit by reducing costs. And even double profits in the future when the tool’s experience in dealing with different styles increases.

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4. Netflix content recommendations

Similar to Amazon’s suggestions for the products you buy (customers who bought these products also bought….) Netflix comes with suggestions for viewing based on your previous selection. If you like action movies, you’ll find the latest action movies that may interest you.


Entertaining Artificial Intelligence technologies with Netflix move the user from the old classic scheduled viewing stage to the stage of watching what the viewer actually wants to watch, based on analysis of their watch history, certain viewing proposals will be displayed, which will be more favorable to this viewer.


Artificial Intelligence takes us from a completely human-based workstation to an advanced stage of machine dependence. 

The picture may seem bleak – as I mentioned in many works of art such as the Terminator series – but the reality still confirms – so far – the need to rely on humans in the implementation of many of these tasks, as well as tools of artificial intelligence. We say (so far) because the future quiver has a lot to be expected, especially with regard to technology such as AI.


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