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10 Tips To Manage Your Social Customers Relationships – Part 2

In the previous part of this article, we talked about the concept of customer relationship management on social networks and its importance. Along with a set of tips to successfully manage your customers and prospects on social networks to achieve better customer relationships and to build an active and effective community. Here, we resume those tips:

Using Tools to analyze and monitor social networks

Available advanced social media monitoring tools like Lucidya can greatly help you collecting information and learning more about your customers and users on different social networks. Those tools play a vital role in gathering relevant statistics about your brand’s reach and also help you in monitoring your key performance indicators for various channels and campaigns.

You may need to mainly focus on:

  • Your brand name/trademark
  • Your competitors’ trademarks
  • Names of the products and services you provide
  • Other keywords of your industry.

Through these statistics and information, you will be able to identify challenges and have the right awareness to face them.

Define How you’ll interact with Audience

You’ll need to define how you’ll talk with your fans, non-fans, clients, partners, prospects and even competitors. Setting standards or rules that represents the nature and brand of your company consistently will greatly help in your online presence journey. Usually, you’ll have to define the following:

  • Your Tone of Voice
  • Agree on specific responses in some situations
  • Customize these responses to suit users

Humanizing your conversations

Try as much as possible to avoid one pattern of static responses, and humanize your conversations with customers. The more you can achieve this point, the more people will trust your talk and services. Mastering this part will reflect in a clear growth and improvement in your level of customer service; always remember that one size does not fit all.

Reward Active Customers

Social Customer Relationship management is not only about problem solving and complaints, but it also enables you to strengthen that relationship when showing them appreciation and their loyalty to your brand.

Small businesses can constantly track the most interacting of their fans with some discounts or free trials, etc.. Large businesses can use e.g. contests to encourage interaction, etc..

Share Customers and Audience content

Creating and publishing content created and written by users “User-Generated Content” will greatly strengthen your relationship with them.

Sharing their content, story, or life, is always a sign that you really consider them part of your brand existence and this will definitely boost their loyalty.

CRM Bottom line: Convert negative experiences to positive ones, and convert positive experiences into ambassadors.