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How Statistics Help Enhancing Marketing Strategies- Part 2

Through the first part of this article, we tackled some methods through which analytics can help in enhancing the digital marketing strategy, and expand your customer reach. You can read the first part from here. This part of the article shall tackle another set of methods.

Marketing through influencers has become one of the most powerful methods marketers depend on lately in some marketing channels like Instagram, as it helps widen your audience and spread your content within the influencers’ network. Through Lucidya, you are able to know the key influencers in the different industries, and their engagement levels on the different social media channels, so you can connect to them and start marketing your products and services through them.

One of the biggest mistakes marketers usually commit is the bad timing they choose to start marketing for their products and services, as well as the irrelevant marketing channels they market through. Lucidya allows you to identify the most convenient marketing channel that renders the best results for your products and services, and thus, enables you to choose the most effective channel that deserves your time and effort.

In case you are dedicating a lot of time and effort to a market channel that does not render the best results, you need to switch your focus to the channel that yields the best results for your products and services, and start directing your marketing efforts towards this channel.

One of the most important benefits Lucidya offers is the measurement of the ROI of the different marketing activities you conduct through the different social media channels. You really need to make sure that each dollar you spend and each minute you dedicate to a given social media channel renders the best results you can obtain. The analytical and statistical tools through Lucidya spare you the complex mathematical operations and highlight the value you acquire versus the cost you spend. One of the studies conducted by Convince and Convert site showed that 41% of the companies do not have any idea about whether marketing through the digital channels renders the results they aspire for or not.

The different measurement and analysis operations conducted to evaluate the value of the social media marketing activities allow companies and brands to take sound decisions that do not depend only on guesses and intuition. Knowing the channels that work allows you to conduct the necessary changes to enhance the marketing strategies you adopt through the social media channels. Through analytics tools such as Lucidya, a repository of data is available to help you identify the weakness areas your marketing efforts suffer from and measure the success of the different marketing strategies you implement.