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5 Social Media monitoring Tools

It is known that during the past few years; the social media monitoring market witnessed significant growth. This growth came as a direct result to the crucial importance of analyzing and measuring the performance of the various social networking sites, resulting in the emergence of more than 500 tools. The market size of social media monitoring tools is expected to exceed the 5 billion by 2020. In this article, we’ll discuss some of this tools that will help you manage your social media channels more effectively.

1- Lucidya


Lucidya is a location-based social media analytics & monitoring tool that help making smarter strategic decisions by analyzing both current and historical social media content in real-time using its patented big spatial data search engine – SpatialSwift. This will be achieved by using use social as a real-time, global focus group to better understand markets and product use cases, and analyze competitive offerings.

Lucidya enable users to filter results geographically—down to city level. Analyze influential users, sites and content to understand consumer feedback and build targeted outreach.


Keyhole-1024x435 (1)

Keyhole was built as a simple all-in-one social media monitoring platform for the marketing professionals who don’t want to manually switch between many tools. It listens for selected keywords across many platforms and follows selected hashtags across Twitter and Instagram while giving some handy statistics about its usage. It also allows users to track industry’s influencers accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.



Mention is a social media management and monitoring tool for small and medium businesses. It offers a variety of publishing, monitoring, social analytics, and integration capabilities.

Publishing services offered by Mention include content translation, multi-channel publishing, and publishing curation. The social media listening and monitoring capabilities offered include amplification rate management, customer engagement notifications, engagement rates, mention volume. Mention also offers the social monitoring services of exportable raw data, exportable reports, and social ROI reports. Addition features of the software include collaboration platform, task management, and product support




Audiense is a good tool for community management of Twitter and Instagram profiles on social networks. It is used by marketers to help them in the investigation of their target audience. It is a very useful tool for audience targeting and finding users with many features like: Audience segmentation, social community management & social analytics reports.



After merging with “Unio Metric”, Tweetreach will provide users with more accurate data starting from the density graph to show when posts are hitting the largest number of desired followers to twitter reporting of how far a Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag has reached. It also measures the number of accounts reached,number of impressions, number of retweets, top contributors, most retweeted Tweets, list of contributors and a surely an embedded timeline of user tweets.

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